Buy TV Console, Coffee Tables, Modern Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa Sets - Modern Living Room

Find modern sofas, TV console, coffee tables, contemporary leather sectional sofa sets and other living room items to decorate your sweet room. Special prices are available on many products.
I am looking to make my living room very modern. What can you recommend?

Alot. Whether you are just moving into a new place or looking for an ultimate upgrade, you've come to the right place. We have tons of suggestions, but we don't want to write a wall of text that people will stop reading after the first paragraph. Instead, We are more than happy to provide you FREE interior design consultation right over the phone to ensure you will find exactly what you're looking for. Simply call us at (866) 397-0933 and ask to speak to an in-house interior designer for help choosing the right furniture for your living room. The designer will ask you a series of questions to determine your style, budget, and living space to narrow down the list of possibilities to furnish your home with stuff you are guaranteed to love.

What type of sofas do you offer?

We offer an incredible amount of sofas that we personally have on-hand in our huge warehouse. Our specialty is leather sectional sofas but we also have a huge selection of modern sofa sets both in leather and fabric.

What are my options in living room furniture that I can buy directly from you?

We have in stock many living room pieces such as sofas, coffee tables and entertainment centers in terms of main pieces. For accents, we have popular shag rugs, wild paintings, and accents such as floor lamps, sculptures, vases, and coffee table accents. We have everything that shows off your creativity and impresses house guests alike.

Do you have matching living room furniture sets?

Yes. Our most popular living room sets are leather sofas with a matching leather coffee table. Throw in a matching rug to the mix and you've got yourself a bold centerpiece in your living room. Start with that first, and choosing a TV unit and/or accents will be a breeze to complete the ultimate dream living room set.

I want to furnish my entire living room with your furniture and accents, what can you do for me in terms of discounts?

We offer discounts at a higher rate than usual to customers who would like to purchase an entire living room set. Show us exactly what you're looking for and we will work it out. Please be aware some key living room items of ours are extensively marked down to the point where we are unable to provide you with any additional discount. Instead, we may offer free accessories like throw pillows, or a painting to seal the deal. Let's discuss this more! Call us now at (866) 397-0933.

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